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Electrical Engineering Services

Fayda Engineering & Energy Solutions’ electrical engineering expertise consists of providing power, lighting and control systems for the building environment that are reliable, efficient, and tailored to the project’s objectives and to the client’s future needs.

Our electrical services include the evaluation, design and specification of:

  1. Primary distribution systems for single site, campus, and community master plans
  2. Interior building power distribution
  3. Lighting and control systems, including:
    • Building interior
    • Building exterior
    • Site & Parking
    • Roadway
    • Sports fields & Stadiums and Arenas
  4. Alternate power systems for emergency and standby uses
  5. Renewable power systems - PV, Wind, Microturbine
  6. Critical and clean power distribution systems
  7. Uninterruptible Power Supply systems
  8. Metering systems for measurement, verification (M&V) and control of loads using EVO IPMVP protocols
  9. Electrical grounding & cathodic protection systems to improve power quality
  10. Lightning protection
  11. Telecommunications systems
  12. Fire Alarm and Voice Evacuation systems
  13. Security, Access Control and Intrusion Detection systems
  14. Low Energy systems in support of facility usage, including:
    • Public Address
    • Clock & Time Control
    • Intercom & Paging

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