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About Us

Fayda Engineering & Energy Solutions, LLC is a full service consulting engineering firm providing a wide range of services to the building construction community. We are committed to provide most talented individuals to meet the needs of our clients and believe that there is a “best fit” solution to any project. We strive for an integrated approach to sustainable design that balances the environmental, economic, and social goals on every project we design.

That’s why every day our aim is fourfold – to provide the best value to our clients, to design the highest performance buildings possible, to have a company in which our staff can thrive, and to join with our clients and others to continually improve our buildings and communities. And we do this passionately, responsively and faithfully, only accepting commissions that are true to our core principles.

Our services are offered in the Institutional, Correctional, Educational, Commercial, Religious, Retail, and Hospitality vertical markets.

The Engineering Division provides the necessary resources for projects across a broad range of services from Project Planning and Preliminary Design, Design Development, Construction Drawings, Site Inspection & Surveying, Construction and Project Management, Facility reports and Assessments.

The Energy Solutions Division compliments the Engineering Division by adding services such as Energy Star Benchmarking, Utility Bill Analysis, Energy Audits (performance and investment grade), Energy and Demand Metering installations, Demand Response and Energy Curtailment Solutions, Alternative and Renewable Energy Systems (Solar, Geothermal and Wind Turbine) and LEED Certification for new and existing buildings.

Our staff of trained professionals have completed projects at Institutional facilities such as Hospitals and Hospital Campuses, Prisons and Prison Campuses, K-12 Public, Parochial and Private Schools, Colleges & Universities; Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities, Commercial Office buildings and Campuses; Municipal, County, State and Federal Governments, Military, Wastewater Treatment Plants , Domestic and Sewage Pumping Stations, Hospitality and Recreational facilities, Retail, Restaurant and Grocery Stores.

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