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Energy Engineering

Kent County Levy Court

The Kent County Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant is an advanced secondary waste treatment facility that receives wastewater from Kent County, southern portions of New Castle County and northern portions of Sussex County. The facility processes up to 16.3 MGD of wastewater from 13 sanitary sewer sub-districts. Treated wastewater is then discharged to a tributary to the Murderkill River.

DHSS Facilities

Out of the growing dependency on foreign energy sources in the United States and especially those within the State of Delaware, on February 17, 2010, Governor Jack Markell issued Executive Order #18 which mandated that all State Government Facilities reduce energy consumption by 10% in 2011, 20% in 2013 and 30% in 2015. The Order utilized Fiscal year 2008 as the period or baseline in which those buildings and facilities were to be measured against.

Smyrna School District

The Smyrna School District home of the Smyrna Eagles, with a student population of approximately 3200 students and 200 teachers throughout seven (7) schools, determined that an energy policy was needed and to ensure that effective measures and metrics were put in place to minimize energy consumption and promote energy efficiency. Fayda Engineering & Energy Solutions was commissioned to work with the District to develop a plan to improve energy efficiency throughout the School District and assist with the implementation of their Energy Policy.