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In our ongoing commitment to uncover new opportunities for Energy Savings, we are working on developing a link to innovative products and services that may be used by building owners, facility managers, ESCO’s, SESCO’s and Conservation Service Providers.

While we do not endorse these products, services or companies, we believe that these are proven technologies that are cost effective and provide measureable results. Many of which, are eligible for rebates and incentives by local utility companies having Energy Conservation programs.

Research & Development

DNREC's Division of Energy & Climate Rebates and Incentives

On July 7, 2014, DNREC’s Delaware Division of Energy and Climate announced a new program for rebates and incentives for the Commercial and Institutional sectors within the State of Delaware. This is a brand new program, unlike the program for geothermal and solar systems that have been waitlisted for many months.

To be eligible, there are a few requirements. Some of the more important ones are that you must be contributing to the program and that your local utility provider must be an “Investor Owned Utility”. For now, this includes Delmarva Power, Delaware Electric Co-Op as well as City of Newark, City of New Castle, Town of Middletown, Town of Clayton, Town of Smyrna, City of Dover, City of Milford, City of Lewes and the City of Seaford. Those in other smaller local utilities are not eligible. Other important program requirements are the need to have your project pre-approved (approved before you purchase the equipment), must have been installed after 7/7/14 and that the equipment that you plan on purchasing is a qualified product. There are other requirements and we can help guide you through the details.


So how can you benefit from this exciting program? Incentives are available for up to $500,000, yes that’s five hundred thousand dollars for any one project and a cap of $1,000,000 over any three year period. There’s also a limit that the incentive will bear as a percentage of the purchase price of the equipment so don’t expect to have the program fund the entire cost of the project.

A few examples of how this program can affect your next energy efficiency project.

1.   You have a 5,000 square foot office building and would like to retire the old 4 lamp, 2x4 fixtures that use either T-8 (1” diameter) or T-12 (1-1/2” diameter lamps). In an office of this size, there are about 50 fixtures. For this project, the rebate would be in the order of about $10.00 per fixture or $500.00. At a cost of $40.00 per fixture, that is equal to about 25% of the fixture cost! And if you decide to add lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, you can add another $300 to the rebate.

2.   You have a 20,000 square foot warehouse that uses high bay HID (metal halide or high pressure sodium) lamp sources. In an area this size, you may have in the order of 50-60 light fixtures. If you convert these to linear high efficiency LED fixtures, the rebate would be in the order of $100.00 per fixture or $5,000-$6,000.00!

3.   You have a parking lot that can accommodate 25 cars and have about 6 pole mounted fixtures. To retrofit or replace these fixtures with LED equivalents, the incentive would be in the order of $1,800.00 or $200.00 per fixture!

That is just a snapshot of how this program can help offset your next energy efficiency project. So how can we help? We understand the program requirements and have the necessary tools to submit projects quickly, efficiently and effectively resulting in the highest incentive and shortest turnaround time on any project.

For more information, please contact or simply call our energy efficiency hotline at 302-999-1060. 

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